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  1. Dangerous or un-sportsmen like behavior will result in expulsion from the Time Trial Series.
  2. Bib number pick up and on-site registration time is 5:15 pm until 6:30 pm; first rider starts at 6:30 pm SHARP.
  3. Starts are at 30 second intervals, please be in line ready to go for your start time. If you miss your assigned start time you may loose your chance to ride. No refunds will be issued for missed start times.
  4. The Time Trial to consist of seven, 1.5 mile laps for a total of 10 miles.
  5. Riders start on pit road. Once on the track you will be riding on the regular track surface (outside track). When you cross the NASCAR start/finish line that will be one lap. You will cross this line 6 times.
  6. After you have crossed the NASCAR start/finish for the 6th time the next time around you must come into pit road to the Time Trial finish line. The timers are on Pit Row, you must finish your 7th lap on pit road to get a time.
  7. You are solely responsible for counting your laps. Any rider having less then 7 laps will have a "no time.”
  8. Your bib number must be located on the left side of your jersey as to be easily readable by the spotters.
  9. Any rider exchanging their number with another rider will be disqualified! Your rider number are in the race timing and database system under the name registered.
  10. Riders may warm up on the track until race time (6:30), then riders must clear the track until the last Time Trialist has finished. You may continue to warm up in the infield behind the pit wall. Spotters will be taking down numbers of those still out on the track. If you are on the track before or after your race time, you are subject to disqualification. Please be considerate, you are a distraction to those competing on the track and you could present safety hazard.
  11. Pass only on the right (outside lane of track) - slower riders must keep left and hold their line .
  12. There will be a number of racers on the track at the same time. Please ride heads up and watch for racers that may be below your normal eye level. Always be aware of all riders or obstacles around you.
  13. Drafting is not allowed! Drafting is cause for disqualification.
  14. To help the spotter record your bib number, please call out your number as you cross the finish line.
  15. Once you have crossed the finish line you must exit at the end of pit road to the left behind the wall so you do not interfere with riders still racing. Do not come across the finish line for a second time. You will be disqualified.
  16. Timers will not correct times for riders doing more or less than the required seven laps. If you do more than seven laps, this will be your official time. If you do less than seven laps, you will receive “no time”.
  17. The best six races out of eight qualify for year-end total point series.
  18. A rider must finish a minimum of 3 separate TT events to qualify for category year-end series point.
  19. All TT events will be run regardless of rain. The time trial will be suspended in the event of lightning, thunder or in the opinion of event officials a danger to riders exists.
  20. At all times when on the track riders must wear a helmet that meets the ANSI, SNELL or ASTM Safety Standard for bicycle helmets. There are no exceptions.
  21. Everyone entering the speedway must sign in at the guard station. Park only in designated locations.
  22. All riders must sign in at registration station prior to riding on the track. During the event, rider must wear their bib number when on the track.
  23. We are guests of Humpy Wheeler and Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Please respect the property and remain only in the TT race area. Please clean up after yourself and take all trash with you.
  24. If you should be involved in an accident or encounter a problem while on the track, please report to the Event Captain.

WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE TT SERIES. We want your comments and recommendations, please submit them via the web site.


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