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You can be a winner at Lowe's Motor Speedway! Establish your own personal
record (PR)

The GURU Time Trials are both a competition against those in your category, and just as importantly, it's a race against yourself. Many of us may never beat the track time record or the category record in which we ride but everyone can compete against our most formidable competitor, our self.

Regardless if your ability is a beginner or world champion, cyclists find their greatest satisfaction comes when they ride well and exceed their best ever efforts. In time trials, like many sports, exceeding your best ever time is called beating your Personal Record (PR). When you beat your PR, you can immediately judge if your extra training or other adjustments are working out.

To establish a PR, a rider must compete in at least two events during the 2004 season and have ridden a minimum of two Time Trials at the speedway in the past two years (2002 & 2003). For riders that have not ridden the necessary number of events, they will become eligible for the PR list once they have completed a total of four Time Trials. The best (lowest) official time between 2002 and present will serve as the Time Trialist's PR. Riders meeting these criteria will have their PR time listed on the web site. After each event, once the race times become official, riders who have broken their PR will have their PR updated.

We encourage participants regardless of your ability to establish the own PR. Then, when you beat your PR, we will publish the new PR on the web site under the PR WINNERS heading.

Since we will be using a combination of older time records and the current records, we will depend on the riders to inform us if your name has changed, if you rode in the past under a different first or last name or if you see a discrepancy with your PR. If a rider doesn't want their PR listed, please send us notice providing us your name and bib number from the last Time Trial in which you competed. Otherwise, once a participant meets the four event minimum, your PR will be listed.

Come out and establish your own PR, then train and watch your PR time drop.

Remember, you don't need to be fast. After you have done a couple of time trails, you'll find YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST COMPETITOR.

We hope to see many PRs broken in 2004. WHY NOT YOURS?

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You Can Be A Winner! Establish Your Own Personal Record!

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