Carolina Cycling Time Trial Association CCTTA
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Carolina Cycling Time Trial Association (CCTTA) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the promotion of bicycle related events and bicycling clubs in North and South Carolina.

The CCTTA was founded to enable the Time Trial series run at Lowes Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina to achieve its full potential and become a world-class Time Trial series. The CCTTA does not have individual members but rather works with bicycling clubs in the Carolinas.

Our Mission

  • Encourage health and exercise through bicycling.
  • Support and promote bicycling events at Lowes Motor Speedway and at select other venues.
  • Promotion of community involvement in the sport of bicycling through time trialing, bike rides, training programs, children's rides and community education about bicycling.
  • Support local bicycling clubs and bicycling events.
  • Support Speedway Children Charities and other local charities
  • Support deserving bicyclist for local, national and world events.

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Results 07-07-04

Special TT to Benefit the Brain Tumor Fund For the Carolinas

Track Facilities Update

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CCTTA Announces Board of Directors

2003 Results Posted

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GURU Bikes Becomes Title Sponsor

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