As organizer of the Charlotte Motor Speedway Cycling Time Trial Series, the Carolina Cycling Time Trial Association (CCTTA) is the premier time trialing organization in the Carolinas and the Southeast.  Credit for this series, which dates to the 1990s, goes to the vision and support of the Charlotte Motor Speedway family of owners and employees.

Latest News

  • Schedule for 2016:
    March 30 (event held as planned)
    May 4 (Wednesday) (event held as planned)
    June 8 (Wednesday) includes Kids’ Event (event held as planned)
    July 13 (Wednesday) includes Kids’ Event (event held as planned)
    August 10 (Wednesday) includes 4-man Team Time Trial (event held as planned)
    September 14 (Wednesday)
    See Registration Page for registration links to all dates 
  • Results (current year and past years) are posted on the Results Page .
  • Start line photos of the 8-5-15 Team Trial Trial
    (courtesy of Kevin Freeman)
  • Chasing Arnold5-minute video from 4-1-2015 race,
    courtesy of James Petrosky (time=21:46; 27.6 mph average
    with a helmet-mounted camera.  Thank you, James!)
  • Schedule for 2015:
    April 1 (Wednesday):  race held as planned
    May 7 (Thursday):  race held as planned
    June 3 (Wednesday) included Kids’ Event : race held as planned
    July 8 (Wednesday) included Kids’ Event : race held as planned
    August 5 (Wednesday) included 4-Man TTT:  race held as planned
    September 2 (Wednesday):  race held as planned
  • Are you new to the Charlotte Motor Speedway Cycling Time Trials?
    Then please see our two pages General Information
    & First Timer Tips for lots of good information.
  • 2014 series points are posted on the Results Page.
    If you rode four or more events in 2014, then you might have won a category award.  Medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each category, and are based on points earned in your best four finishes.  To win a medal, you must complete four races.  Points are earned as follows:  1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 18 points, 3rd place = 16 points, and so on all the way to tenth place which earns 2 points.
  • Results are also available online during and after the races by scanning the QR code on your bib number.
  • Please pick up a new bib # at each race!  Bib numbers are changing from race to race, so Do Not re-use your bib number from a previous race.  The use of incorrect bib numbers has been causing major problems in our ability to correctly record times.
  • Video June 5 Kids’ Event (2013)
  • If you own a timing chip, please see Timing Chip Check to learn about testing your timing chip.
  • Join the CCTTA Information E-list, if you wish to receive occasional e-mails concerning the CMS Time Trial Series.  We only need your e-mail address.  Please see our General Information page for more details about the E-list.